For an Intensive/ Semi Intensive Course we suggest you have completed your Theory Test before
commencing Driving Lessons.

This course consists of 20hrs (after your initial assessment drive, we can arrange to complete
this course at a progress rate that suits you). This is a great course if you have had a few driving
lessons before and are looking to brush up on your skills or changed Driving School/moved to a
different area and need your licence sooner for work commitments or a change in lifestyle.

This course consists of 30hrs. This one is a bit more challenging and can be done a couple of
different ways they are: Complete the 30 hrs over one week or over a few weeks.

You will need an assessment drive to see if this course is suitable for you.
6hrs of driving for 5 Days, Test on the 7th day. This course has to be planned well in advance
to allow time for the planning of test booking and arrange it the week before your actual
Driving Test for example: You need to have passed your Theory Test before you are allowed
to book a Practical Driving Test , Practical Test waiting times vary from 1 week to 8 weeks . If
your test is booked for week 7 we would start the course on week 6, then you will be ready
by week 7. This has taken approx. 7 weeks to arrange.

Like the example above, you need to have passed your Theory Test before booking the
Practical, again Practical Test waiting time varys from 1 week to 8 weeks.
How this course works is: book your Practical Test in 7 weeks , spread the 30hrs over the first
5 weeks, at 3 X 2 hr lessons per week,the 30hrs will be completed at the end of week 5, if I
feel you are ready to take the Practical Test then we can arrange to bring the test forward,
however, if I feel you are not meeting the satisfactory standard this gives us a couple of weeks
to work on your weak areas before the Practical Test. Doing the course this way is the preferred
option reason being, it is spread over a period of time which makes it less intense and more
manageable to consume and financially and you can have a comfortable couple of weeks to correct
your weak areas.

The Pass Plus Scheme is designed to improve your knowledge and skill on many different types
of Towns/Roads/Traffic Conditions.

If you have passed your test a few years ago or have a phobia of motorways or maybe have a new
job which means you need to travel by motorway for whatever reason this is designed to help
boost your confidence on motorways dealing with fast moving traffic, multiple lanes, changing
lanes, signs, overhead gantries, how to deal with breakdown procedure. All the above are included
in the Pass Plus Course.


These are designed to help keep the cost of learning to drive down as they are discounted.
They can be used at a pace that suits you.


Please ask your Instructor about mock Theory Test training as the material is constantly being
changed/updated by the Driving Standards Agency, your Instructor will help with any theory
queries you may have.

These are performed to simulate a Practical Test when your Instructor feels you are becoming
of test standard. They will be performed at the the official standard to give you the experience
of a Practical Test, approx. duration is 40 mins. The markings and result will reflect on your drive
during the 40 mins.

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